Village Board 3/8/21

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3/8/2021 3:08:37 PM


1. Call to Order 00:00:31

2. Roll Call 00:00:40

3. Public Announcements and Communications 00:01:08

3a. Public Announcements 00:01:10

3a. 1) Village Board Candidate Forum 00:01:12

3a. 2) McFarland School Board Candidates Forum 00:02:38

3a. 3) Absentee Voting Information 00:03:10

4. Consent Agenda 00:04:29

4a. Motion to Approve Minutes 00:04:34

5. Public Appearances 00:05:12

6. Business 00:08:27

6a. Action Regarding Acceptance of Phase 2 Design 00:08:32

Discussion and action regarding acceptance of Phase 2 Design Services for Public Safety Center and authorization to proceed into Phase 3 Bidding Process.

6b. Action to Approve Amendment 00:29:14

Discussion and action to approve an amendment to the contract for Architectural Services for the design of the Public Safety Center.

6c. Finance Committee 00:33:56

6c. 1) Action Regarding Capital Improvement Plan 00:33:59

Discussion and action regarding the proposed Capital Improvement Plan for 2021-2025.

6d. Personnel Committee 00:57:12

6d. 1) Action Regarding Job Description Revisions 00:57:19

Discussion and action regarding revisions to the job description for the Clerk III position within the Community Development Department.

6d. 2) Action Regarding Job Description Creation 01:19:11

Discussion and action regarding the creation of the job description, classification, and request to fill the vacancy for the Planning and Zoning Assistant position within the Community Development Department.

6e. Action Regarding Lieutenant Position Vacancy 01:27:21

Discussion and action regarding authorization to fill the vacancy for the Lieutenant position within the Police Department.

6f. Action on Resolution 2021-08 01:45:53

Discussion and action on Resolution 2021-08: A Resolution authorizing the Police Department to enter into an agreement to obtain records from the Dane County Jail.

5a. Re-Open Public Appearances 01:50:49

6g. Item Requests, Referrals, and Updates 01:54:18

7. Closed Session 01:57:11

9. Adjournment 01:58:57

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